Raghuvir Kasturi

Yearly Ritual

October 01, 2017

Every year I decide I should write more. I then look at my current blog, look away in disgust, and set out to build the entire thing from the ground up. I went from WordPress (extremely well documented) to Ghost (moderately well documented at the time) to - now - Gatsby (don’t even get me started). The only reasonable explanation for this maniacal journey is that I have multiple people living inside my head with one common trait - the insatiable desire to see the world burn.

In lieu of trying something new (and hoping it sticks), I’ve decided to add some constraints:

  • An overarching theme of Excerpts from my org files - i.e. notes to myself, things I want to read/watch/hear/learn, rants on things I read/watch/hear/learn, and reflections on Emacs.
  • Hand-in-hand enhancements & writing. Every enhancment will have a post but not every post will have an enhancement, to ensure I don’t hamstring my oh-so-creative side with silly features.